April, 2012

Dear Readers -

So much has happened since the last post.  I’ve moved to Seattle and am very happy to be back in the the Pacific Northwest.  The kitties, the bunny and I found a home a great old house.  My new soap studio in the basement is called the Soap Cellar.

I’m excited to announce that the Everything Soapmaking Book is going into a third edition!  I’m so grateful to all the people who’ve found my books useful.  I’ll put up more information, including publication dates as I get them.  For the most current information about Annabella and Company in general, go to the Annabella blog.

Check out the newly refreshed Soap Artisan web site.  It is the teaching and private label division of Annabella.  There is a growing class schedule, making for a busy spring.  I’m also taking on more private label accounts and the wedding favor request are beginning to come in.

Thank you again for being such loyal readers.

With love and gratitude -



February, 2011

Dear Readers -

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be teaching two classes on color at the Handcrafted Soapmaker’s Guild annual Conference in Miami in May! The first class is a review of color theory and a survey of soap colorants and their uses. The second class expands on color theory, design basics and how to use color in your creations. I’ve been a presenter at a number of the Guild’s conferences and they are always a rich learning experience. Hope to see you there!

I’m sad to let you know that my bunny Bodie passed away in the fall. She was such a sweet girl and the Muse for Rabbit Moon. She was nine-and-a-half, so she had a good long life. I miss her very much. As you’ve noticed from my writing and my websites, bunnies are a big part of my life. If you decide to get a bunny as a companion, they will fill your life with sweetness and a lot of mischief. My bunny Henry is going strong and enjoying life enormously. He was found after havng been abandoned on a country road. He’s been with me for six years. If you want to adopt a bunny, check out your local rabbit rescue.

Over on Etsy, where we sell Annabella products, there will be new additions throughout the rest of the winter, so go check out what’s on offer. To see what’s going on in the Sheddio, head over to the Annabella Blog. Check out Soap Queen TV for good soapmaking information. Anne-Marie of Brambleberry mentions the Everything book! Many thanks for the letters telling me of your soaping adventures. I always love to hear from you.




Dear Readers:

Here we are in 2010 and the Everything Soapmaking Book is still doing well. It has been featured in the Crafter’s Choice bookclub and on Soap Queen TV! There have been big changes in my life and I’m working on getting situated into a new way of living. It will take some time, but eventually it will all work out. To keep up with what is going on, check out the Annabella and Company Blog, explore the Collective, and see what I’m making over on my Etsy Shop. Many thanks for the continued support of me and my books. And I really am working on the next one!!

With Love-



Alicia Grosso’s books will help you teach yourself the fascinating and addictive art and craft of making soap. The Everything Soapmaking Book, Second Edition was released in February of 2007. The Everything Soapmaking Book was released by Adams Media in October of 2003. It is part of their extensive Everything series. (*Please note that there is an error on page 145. Go to the Books page for the correction) Soapmaking: A Magickal Guide came out in December of 2002. It has been getting great reviews and is selling briskly. What a thrill to see a rave review in the Winter 2003 edition of The Beltane Papers. Another wonderful feeling… seeing the book in the Chalice Well bookshop, among other booksellers, in Glastonbury in June of 2004. Books on creating home spa luxuries, casting soap and advanced projects in artisan soap making are in the works.

Get busy! Get creative! Make soap!